Will mushrooms help me get a Nobel Prize?

Or speak Chinese? I think the answer is obvious! 🤣

Psychedelics are just a good simulator that doesn’t work for everyone. They allow us to get out of a pattern perception of reality.

They enable us to look at the other side of the coin! In the words of psychology or NLP, to see our dark/shadow side. And I’ll tell you honestly – that’s enough to rethink everything.

Psychedelics show us our own blocks, blockages and shortcomings. Is everyone ready to face that?

And yes, unfortunately it’s not some mysterious space where we can go in sad and moody and come out already mega-enlightened and glowing with happiness.

It’s a great tool!
It shows us that we need to be happy here and now. It teaches us balance and equilibrium. And at the same time, there’s some deep understanding that it’s not related to any material hoarding or the outside world. It all – comes from within.

That is, we are the source and the recipient.
At the same time. Isn’t that cool?

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