Self-knowledge mistakes and God.

What is a god? How to know him?
Why are there no feelings in sham ceremonies?

If we think in the direction: “I am the one who tries perceive god, and God is the knowable” (by my senses) – we come to the limitations of our body, ego, etc. which cannot grasp the immensity, know and shove the infinite and boundless into the usual framework|boxes.

To touch our true self and God (I do not consciously make a difference here), we need to go beyond the analytical mind for a while, push our ideas about it and begin to cognize it with the highest layers of our mind. First of all, it is necessary to admit and accept that this is possible, maybe:

  • He thinks about me.
  • He meditates right now on me.
  • He creates and learns through me.
  • He creates now, at this second, me.
  • He directs attention to me and therefore I exist.
  • He creates me with his thought, effort of will and his being.
  • He is that, boundless and infinite, that loves and protects me.

The process of cognition itself will look different than what we are used to:
“I am, he thinks of me and I turned to him now.”
(Turned around for a while from the objects of the physical world that drag our mind along and interfere with this process)

If we think that we are looking at him, then there is no living|alive contact with him. The same feeling arises when we look at a stone – there is no interaction.
(For example, if we look a person in his eyes, we understand his feelings and what is on his mind – there is a contact|connection)

God is not a stone, he is not knowable|perceivable.
We must imagine that he is looking at us and we are the object. This is where the miracle happens, the expansion of consciousness, knowledge of oneself and more, transcendental experience, etc.

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