Rules & Protocol

Please always tell only the truth of your true purpose and intentions.

No one will ever know that you requested my assistance.
Particularly I guarantee the confidence of the correspondence

You will stay in permanent contact with me until our work and covenants are completed.
You will briefly and clearly describe the state and manifests of the work or absence thereof.

You do not break the rules that you will be overstated.
You do not address with the following requests “to cure and heal you in 24h” and similar nonsense.

Do not attempt to generate pity and compassion because this is useless.
Therefore, focus!
You have a problem, I provide you with the solutions and, depending on your choice, I act.

Your obligations in front of me are:
– The obligation to report to me on all not standard facts and manifestations that may be associated with the running magic work;
– Tell me truth about your real goals and intents.
– In case you are in breach of your obligations, our agreement will be canceled.

And please, keep in mind the rules of decorum and mutual respect in the course of communication!
You need help. Therefore, behave in line with this status.

Don’t request simultaneously anyone else’s assistance.
Simultaneous solution of one problem by two different practitioners may lead to the most unpredictable negative consequences.

“In order to get something, one should sacrifice something equivalent.”
In your case, the equivalent sacrifice means the amount of financial donation, fee payable to the operator for the work, and investments into the tradition.

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