Modern psychonaut first aid kit. Trip killers or medication to stop a bad trip.

Trip killers

Moderne Psychonauten-Erste-Hilfe-Set

medication to stop a bad trip.

Шаман современный.

Every psychonaut and shaman who respects his health and mind condition

should have at home not only a cache of powders, mushrooms or colored pills, but also a special first-aid kit with drugs, medicines and dietary supplements that will help to avoid various problems and inconveniences associated with the use of psychoactive substances and after them!

In the article:
A list of medications that any psychiatrist should have. Preparations for the psychonaut’s first aid kit.
Home first aid kit of a shaman-psychonaut.
Medicines, vitamins and dietary supplements for recovery.

List of preparations
that any psychonaut should have.

It can be conditionally divided into two categories:
for stimulators and psychonauts.

Tranquilizers - save you from bed trip and paranoia. Be sure to check if you have at least a couple of diazepam tablets at home before you go on a psychedelic trip. If something goes wrong, thank yourself so much. It will also help you sleep.

Neuroleptics (Antipsychotics)– are a special class of drugs, you can conditionally call them "antipsychedelics".
Their main ability is to return you to the real world, that is, turn off all hallucinations and strong emotions.
In psychiatry, they are given to patients with schizophrenia and similar severe mental illnesses. However, they very quickly turn the patient into a vegetable: no emotions, no desires, no will! Use as a last resort. Of all these, chlorpromazine is the most suitable, remember this name, it will help with a strong bad trip, but take it only in the most extreme cases that are on the verge of insanity. It also produces a calming effect, mixed with tranquilizers, they will mutually reinforce each other. Aminazin, the only one of all antipsychotics, is safer. Another medicine is haloperidol, it is several times stronger than chlorpromazine, even a couple of applications can be enough to turn into a vegetable-like creature. It is better to survive a bedtrip than to take haloperidol. In no case should you take alcohol and barbiturates with antipsychotics!

For lovers of opiates, only Naloxone will save.
Tranquilizers - are perhaps the most useful and indispensable pills.
They will help you fall asleep, calm down, "survive" in bad-trip and days after. The heartbeat is not affected, unless, of course, it is caused by a panic attack. They can get rid of deep depression after trip. Don't expect a pill to turn you off immediately after taking it, but if a few hours have passed, you will fall asleep like a baby. Preferably diazepam (Valium) or alprazolam (Xanax).
There are fewer side effects from them and they are not so strong, but we don’t need much.
Phenazepam and clonozepam, these are very strong trunks, you can take a quarter of them. They help a lot with cramps.
You can not mix with alcohol, otherwise there may be memory lapses for several days and completely inadequate behavior.

Barbiturates - corvalol and valocordin, the composition includes phenobarbital.
(no, it has nothing to do with amphetamine or phenazepam). This is the most accessible and common form that can be found. Barbiturates are similar to tranquilizers, they also help to calm down, they contribute to sleep a little less, but they calm the heartbeat. Never mix with alcohol! If there is only Corvalol or Valocordin, remember how to take it correctly: drip 30-50 drops into a small amount of water (about a pile) (if everything is completely bad, you can drop by drop for each kg of weight, but not more than 80 drops), shake it up and drink, then again pour a little water, stir again and drink. That is, you need to collect all the leftovers from the bottom of the glass.

Anaprilin - reduces the heartbeat.
40 mg will help immediately, it is better to start with 20 mg (half a tablet).
If the heart is trying to jump out and you clearly feel it, then half a tablet will not interfere with 20 mg.
If pain in the chest area is added to this, drink the whole 40 mg.
If there is a way to measure the heartbeat, then 120 or more beats per minute is already dangerous!

Capoten or captopril - reduces pressure.
If the pressure is above 160 - feel free to take 50 mg. Normal pressure is 120/80, but everyone generally has their own norm, I know people for whom 140 and even 160 is normal. How to determine your own? Take a few measurements sober and in a calm environment. Perhaps yours will be even lower, in the region of 100. When is it time to sound the alarm? Exceeding 40 is already a reason to think about taking a pill.

Enap - also reduces pressure, a very strong drug, a whole tablet will bring down from 160 to 60 or even lower.
Therefore, we keep it as a last resort and drink a quarter, wait an hour, if the effect is zero, another quarter, no more.

Magnesium B6 - will relieve the walking jaw and creaking teeth. (take duaring triping)

Vitamins - after taking stimulants, especially amphetamine or methamphetamine, you need to drink a course and help the body recover.

Preparations for the psychonaut’s first aid kit 

Optimal drugs in terms of price-effect-need.

Main preparations: Gidazepam, Diazepam (sibazon, Relanium), Phenazepam, Truxal.

MDMA (ecstasy) - first aid is to cool the body with cool baths, rubbing, applying ice packs. Acceptance of absorbents. Restoration of fluid balance - intravenous infusion of saline solutions.

LSD / LSA - you will need antipsychotics. Truscal, chlorpromazine (50 mg) or risperidone.
They will also help: Chlorpromazine, trade names: Aminazin, Ampli (a) ktil, Kontomin, Largaktil, Plegomazin, Propafenin, Thorazin, Fenactyl, Chlorazin, etc. Truxal - in a simple case, you need half a tablet of 25 mg (brown).
Overdose - a whole tablet or injectable chlorprothixene.
The action of the tablet begins after 40 minutes.

2C-B - Antipsychotics, eg chlorpromazine 50 mg, risperidone.
NBOMe/NBOh - antipsychotics. Truscal, chlorpromazine (50 mg) or risperidone.
DOB - Truscal or risperidone.
Mescaline - gastric lavage, antipsychotics (50 mg chlorpromazine).
DMT - after 15 minutes, it will let you go, just relax.
Ayahuasca - Your shaman knows what to do (in other cases, antipsychotics or tranquilizers will save you).
Psilocybin and mushrooms - neuroleptics.

4-ACO-DMT - antipsychotics or tranquilizers.
Fly agaric - pyridoxine, atropine, physostigmine.
Salvia - will release in 5-10 minutes. Do not be afraid.
DXM - glycine to clear the mind, and naloxone intramuscularly.
MXE - NMDA receptor agonists.
THC (weed, hashish) - strong tea with lemon, deep breathing, calmness, tranquilizers.
Cyclodol - antidote for physostigmine.
Atropine - Galantamine (Nivalin Galanthaminum hydrobromicum, Galanthamini hydrobromidum, Nivalinum) Aminostigmine.
Datura - Physostigmine salicylate Galantamine (Nivalin Galanthaminum hydrobromicum, Galanthamini hydrobromidum, Nivalinum) Aminostigmine.
Ketamine - salivation after ketamine use can be minimized by concomitant administration of atropine (0.01 mg/kg, no more than a total dose of 0.5 mg). Seizures are reduced with diazepam, phenytoin, or phenobarbital.
PCP - gastric lavage, haloperidol (or analogues).

Hemodez - in case of respiratory failure - intubation with artificial respiration, vitamins of group B, 5% solution of nicotinic acid - 1 ml subcutaneously, vitamin C into a vein, cardiovascular agents.
Pregabalin (lyrica) - flumazenil.
Amiltriptine - gastric lavage, activated charcoal.
Nutmeg - wait until it releases, tea with lemon.
Diazepam - Flumazenil (Aneksat), is administered intravenously (bolus) at a dose of 0.3-0.5 mg in isotonic sodium chloride solution; in the absence of a positive effect (restoration of consciousness) within a few minutes, the administration can be repeated at the same dose.
Phenazepam - Flumazenil
Barbtiturates - Bemegride (Ahypnon, Etimid, Eukraton, Glutamisol, Malysol, Megimide, Methertharmide, Mikedimide, Megibal, Zentraleptin) Naloxone, Flumazenil
Tramadol - Naloxone 10-15mg IV/IM
Opium - strong coffee; potassium permanganate solution (approximately 1 g per 500 ml of water), the patient should drink 250 ml every five minutes, then induce vomiting; a little later you need to drink. a slightly stronger solution and no longer induce vomiting, prevent falling asleep, and may not wake up.
Codeine - naloxone, nalorphine 10-15 mg IV / IM
Morphine - naloxone, Nalmefene Naltrexone 10-15mg IV/IM
Heroin - Naloxone 10-15mg IV/IM
Methadone - Naloxone 10-15mg IV/IM
Fentanyl - naloxone 10-15mg IV/IM
Amphetamine, Methamphetamine (frex, gunpowder, speed) - drink plenty of water, tea with lemon. With the appearance of threatening signs of a disorder of the cardiovascular system, you need to take drugs that lower blood pressure and neutralize the effect of adrenaline. In case of an overdose, take Truxal (1 tablet is enough), or Valium, Diazepam, Xanax, Anaprilin, Obzidan, Propranolol, Inderal.
Fluoxetine, Aminazin, antipsychotics and trunks - perform a gastric lavage and give activated charcoal to drink.
Nicotine - Vitamin E
In case of poisoning caused by surfactants with an anticholinergic effect (which include neuroleptics, tricyclic antidepressants, antihistamines), a number of anticholinesterase agents are used as an antidote. These antidotes include galantamine and aminostigmine.
Galantamine hydrobromide (nivalin) is a short-acting drug, used as a 0.5% solution and administered intravenously in 4-8 ml.
Aminostigmine - a long-acting antidote - is administered intramuscularly in 1-2 ml in the form of a 0.1% solution.

Medications and dietary supplements for recovery

Preparations and herbs, for recovery, after the use of psychoactive substances and plants!

Silybum (milk thistle) - the substances in this plant restore and support the liver.
Many surfactants negatively affect the liver (especially stimulants).
Take a constant (also extract)
Methionine - Heptral aka Ademetionine. Liver cleansing/healing product after (long-term) substance use.

Gastrophyte - substances taken orally often tend to irritate the mucous membrane (and it is correct to take substances on an empty stomach). I recommend drinking a mug of the brewed pharmacy collection "Gastrofit" before the trip (not in bags). And yes, you can ask them. It contains herbs that, in addition to protecting the mucous membrane, also provide some useful bonuses for the digestive tract.

Anaprilin - As you all know, stimulants increase the heart rate (HR). Anaprilin is a beta-blocker and lowers it. Use the drug in exceptional cases when the heart rate is very high and disturbing.
When using classical stimulants in normal amounts, Anaprioin is not required. 40 mg helps a lot, you can start, for example, with 20 mg - look at the state.

Enalapril - Anything is possible. Perhaps because of your experiments and the characteristics of the body, it seemed to you that your blood pressure had increased, which you confirmed with the help of a tonometer, which is also desirable to have at home. For such cases, it is good to have Enalapril 10 mg in the medicine cabinet. And how much to take, half a tablet or one and a half - look at the readings of the device. As in the case of heart rate, if blood pressure has not risen much and does not bother, it is better to wait out or take a sip of Corvalol at bedtime. And if all this happens against the backdrop of panic and fear, not only from the physiological effects of the substance, then this? a panic attack and it is worth it to stop it in the first place.

Nitroglycerin - If the trip began to prick, hurt and squeeze in the area of the heart - this is angina pectoris.
This pain can be relieved with a nitroglycerin tablet placed under the tongue. Validol and Corvalment nervously smoke against its background...

Drotaverine - The active ingredient of No-shpy is several times cheaper at a price. May be useful when using substances that constrict blood vessels. Some stimulants, psychedelics, in particular morning glory shift and the *-nbome series. If you feel coldness / numbness of the extremities, this is a possible sign of vasoconstriction (vasoconstriction).

Corvalol. Drops with phenobarbital. They will help calm the heartbeat after the trip, I recommend using several times the dosage from the instructions for this. Also, in some cases, it is suitable as a sleeping pill after trips, for this, drink 1/5 of the flask and above. But that's not all! If you suddenly have a seizure due to abuse or negligence, a sip of Corvalol will help. It goes well diluted in ginger tea with lemon. In a pharmacy, they can offer you Corvalol tablets, they have recently appeared on sale and all pharmacists offer them. Do not be fooled - although they do not stink like drops, there is little phenobarbital in them, but they are more expensive!

Sondoks - Sleeping pills. Surprisingly, it works fine ... The same donormil, only several times cheaper.

Truxal - Be sure to keep this neuroleptic in the first aid kit. One pill can stop LSD. Use in case of a hard, unbearable bad trip.

Gidazepam - Firstly, it will help to relieve a little anxiety and panic in trips and outside trips. Sometimes you can eat half a pack (in case of a panic attack), but for light anxiety, 1-2 tablets are enough. For a quick effect, you can chew and hold under the tongue.

Peritol - If you are a fan of making combinations of psychedelics, then you may have serotonin syndrome :)

Baclofen - Removes any waste products. 2 tablets of 25 mg even brighten it up more quickly, turning it into a state of GABA activity... It can also be used as a "premedication" before psychedelics as part of a set to set a positive direction for the trip. The best way to consume is to chew and hold under the tongue for a while. In this case, it starts in ~ an hour.

Bifren - The most affordable "phenibut". There is also Quattrex, which costs quite a bit more and, according to reviews, is stronger than bifren. BUT, both are produced by the same factory, and here and there - phenibut 250 mg ... Are they made in different shops? Helps with apathy, when after trippy days you don’t want to do anything, but you need to work and create. Purely in therapeutic dosages of 2-3 capsules in the morning and the same amount in the afternoon. It also brings joy and peace.
Magnesium, B vitamins and 5 HTP

Shaman and Psychonaut’s First Aid Kit

Microdoses of psilocybin mushrooms.
Microdoses of cannabis oil.
Microdoses of fly agaric.
Microdoses of iboga.
Mexican tarragon.

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