Path of Inner Evolution

Journey inward

Transformation, healing and rebirth

„The Evolution of Inner Realm“ 

breaks the ancient paradigm of seeking guru, looking for answers and relying on others.
We offer a method of finding answers, strength and true self-reliance within ourselves. 

Path of Inner Evolution

is conscious psychotherapeutic-spiritual-philosophical and shaman method
with the aim of activating the process of the inner power that each of us, leading to expansion
of consciousness and an inevitable empowerment of themselves.

This is the basis for being able to transform and heal yourself, your feelings, emotions and traumas,
liberate your consciousness and improve the quality of life.

Possible side effects

- Happiness
- Inspiration
- Gratitude

- Creativity
- Lightness
- Love

- Awareness
- Satisfaction
- Certainty


Inner evolution

refers to the process of personal growth, self-discovery, and transformation that occurs within an individual. It involves developing a deeper understanding of oneself, one’s thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and behaviors, and making conscious efforts to improve and evolve on a psychological, emotional, and spiritual level.

Inner evolution often involves introspection, self-reflection, and a willingness to explore and challenge one’s existing perspectives and limitations. It can lead to greater self-awareness, inner peace, and a more authentic, happier and fulfilling life.

My purpose and work on this planet is to take people
back to the source of power that exists in you.

Personal message

"Stopp building homes in other people. 
Begin to build your home within yourself"!

I’ve built homes in all the wrong people. (02.2019)
If you’ve been following my journey awhile, you might know I’ve survived betrayal, hurt, pain, manipulation, harassment, heartbreak, and much more!

I lived through much more than I thought I could handle, and despite it all, I’ve chosen to continue to learn and grow and make me really stronger. I don’t know any other way to love than with my whole heart—intensely and fiercely.

It’s taken me time to return home to myself—to rebuild my inner foundation by learning to practice more self-awareness and identify my own needs…and what I need to feel safe.

I’ve been on my own healing journey.

I’ve been living in Munich for nearly 13 years now, but this last year living without looking for happiness outside and recognition of others has been one of healing, rebirth, rebuilding, self-love, and transformation for me! I am still in the process of this transformation. Way of transformation and spiritual Awakening is not easy.

I haven’t shared too much of this personal journey with you, because the internet can be mean…but I’ll just say…

I am so proud of myself!

I’ve put myself back together. I’ve invested SO much energy into healing and into becoming the best version of myself. I feel whole. No one can take that away from me now.

I have updated. I did not become perfect – I became alive. I learned to love and accept love. I accepted my weaknesses, my ignorance and arrogance. got it under control. And he began to learn to accept other people – the way they are. Yes, this is a lifelong journey. Instant and fast, nothing happens.

Thank you for being a part of my journey and for your support and love! It means the world to me!


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Throughout the ceremony or retreat duration, skilled facilitators and shamans will be by your side, providing assistance to your journey by employing cutting-edge integration methods through a mindful approach that will vary in each retreat, adapting to the specific circumstances and retreat program.
The mind-altering effects of psychedelic substances are difficult to describe unless you have experienced them firsthand. How would you explain an orgasm to someone who has never had one?
Ceremony and retreat represents a harmonious blend of comprehensive elements that change and naturally refresh during each gathering, rendering it distinct and singular every time. Systemic therapy, meditation, shamanic trance and healing techniques, breathing exercises, power plants, diverse musical instruments, and songs drawn from various origins are among the tools we employ, tailored to the specific retreat program.
They refer to the master plants and powerful animals held sacred in ancient indigenous practices. These tools have been studied and proven beneficial over centuries, and more recently, through scientific methods. In the current phase of human existence, we are drawn to these tools as conventional science falls short in addressing the comprehensive physical, psycho-emotional, and spiritual well-being that individuals seek to comprehend from a place of profound insight and real-world application.

В течении нескольких дней до недели, важно интегрировать пережитый опыт и полученные инсайты.
Любые эмоции, чувства, ощущения, идеи, воспоминания и т.д., возникающие во время психоделического опыта, имеют значение для исцеления и терапевтического процесса.
В процессе интеграции вы можете поделиться сложными переживаниями, озарениями и проблемами, которые были у вас во время психоделического опыта. Это поможет нам извлечь из них смысл
и понять, как они могут помочь в повседневной жизни. Со своей стороны я поделюсь своими ощущениями и наблюдениями из терап.пси-сесии, которые могут помочь поднять и интегрировать то, что попыталось "забыть-стереть психика". Интеграция так же может помочь в подготовке для последующих самостоятельных погружениях без проводника-терапевта.
Длительность: 1.5-2h.

В начале погружения мы уделим время расслаблению,
определим каким способом будет взаимодействовать с вами бессознательное.
Это могут быть образы и видения, ощущения через тело или осознания и инсайты.
Во время всей терапия я буду помогать вам и вести своим голосом.
Процессы не требуют контроля и напряжения. По вашей готовности мы начнём проработку материала из глубин бессознательного. В процессе пси-терапии вы можете встретиться и проработать те части бессознательного, которые не доступны
в обычном состоянии бодрствования: забытые события и травмы, созданные и навязанные установки, внутренний ребёнок, контролёр, обесценивать, банда, символы, эго, супер эго и т.д.
Длительность: 1.5-3h.

Мы совместно идём в волнующую вас тему или события и составим план работы.
В процессе консультации сформируем запрос и напишем вопросы,
которые будем использовать во время пси-сессии для более легкого навигирования во время погружения.
Это облегчит процесс вам и вашему подсознанию. В конце сессии вы получаете необходимые инструкции и
информацию для подготовки к самому терапевтическому погружению.
Длительность: 1.5-2h.

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