Meditation “Spirit of Plants”

A person practicing mediation becomes smarter, more sensitive, creative, compassionate and affectionate – it occurs naturally. The secret is very simple – become able to stop your mind. As soon as you gain internal silliness, you become a Master, and your chatty mind turns into a perfect instrument for creative thinking. When there exists a need you use your mind for the common goodness. The rest of time it keeps silent letting you to enjoy your life. The internal changes occur gradually, do not wait for immediate results. It is cunning, while mortification of one’s mind resembles harnessing a wild rogue stud. Falling down and failures are inevitable. However, persisting in the spiritual practice one may get a great victory. Living consciously watch at your thoughts, purify your intentions, rarefy your senses and you will uplift your essence. Contemplate the life making no judgments, study the life and wisdom under the Genesis or by means of one’s heart – in this way you will get a true joy and real calm. Realize all your thoughts, wishes, dreams, intentions and senses – become a sensitive tuning fork for the internal world. Do not ignore anything happening inside – any movement of energy should be conscious and aimed at creation. Become a lord of your inner kingdom. Then, you will understand that the key success of your life will be the spiritual ascension.

Meditation “Spirit of Plants”

Lay conveniently and relax, prone your arms along entire body in the most comfortable manner, get rid of everything worrying you and sticking your mind, open yourself to travelling and close the eyes.

Thoroughly listen to the music you switch on before meditation. If possible, align your breathing with the rhythm of music. Let music carry you away, to the world of images and colors. Do so until you get to the place of absolute calm and relaxation, to your personal heaven.

Imagine yourself sitting near river and try to see water getting away all the problems, sinking in the depth. Then, you will experience unparallel beatification and enervation. Take your road, away from the river which takes away your problems. Look into the images disclosed to your inner view.

Imaging a tree garden.  Sense the magical flavor of plants grooving in that magical garden. Can you feel the wind caressing your skin? Here, in this garden you can communicate with some plants. You can get closer to them. Without touching them, sitting aside try to sense what they feel. With the entire your organism you will sense an astonishing affinity with everything living in this garden. Moreover, you will start believing that long ago you were one of the nature’s spirits.

Now, look at that tree. Look, the spirit of plants is approaching you! Extend your hand to the tree. Can you feel the bark it has instead of skin? Do not be afraid and do not take away your hand. You better hold your hand and you will free influx of amazing power and strength. Listen attentively, and you will surely here everything the spirit of plants wants to say you. The main thing – do not take away your hand. The talk with the spirit of plants should never take more than 20 seconds. Believe that such time will be sufficient.

After that have a walk over the garden feeling you the same entity with all the creatures residing therein. Having seen a flower, feel the place it plants on, feel yourself that flower, a tiny and tender one, although amazingly strong. Extend your hands towards the sun, like a flower stretching to the sun beams. Thereafter, walk around the garden, realizing the role played in your life by certain properties of different plants, e.g., the tender flowers and burning aggressiveness of nettle.

Raise your eyes to the sky and think about the role it has played in your life so far.

Now you can get back- you have gain the initial experience of the world of plants. Say farewell to this world trying not to forget what you have seen here. Listening again to the music sounding from distant place will help you to get back to the real life. Thereafter, make full inspiration and expiration, move slightly the fingers and toes, sense you physical shell, stretch out, stand up and open your eyes only after that to get orientation in the real time and space.

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