MDMA Minus the Toxicity: Supplements to Reduce the Risks!

Reduce Side Effects of MDMA:
One week after.
ALA completely prevent any deficits in brain serotonin and neutraliz any harm caused by the MDMA.

MDMA with ALC and ALC before.
“pre-treatment with ALC exerts effective neuroprotection against the MDMA-induced neurotoxicity.”
In short: ALC shielded the brain, its cells, and its organelles against MDMA-related injury.

NAC is not only able to reduce the signs of neurotoxicity in the rats’ brains, but that it also prevented MDMA-associated hyperthermia. “Treated with NAC had fewer issues with memory after taking MDMA than without”.

Vitamin C protect the brain from some of MDMA’s neurotoxic effects.
250mg/kg five hours after MDMA prevente a dip in brain serotonin levels.
Taking before MDMA reduced the risk of hyperthermia and protected against the dip in serotonin levels typically seen after using MDMA.

Help your Brain After MDMA:
Alpha lipoic acid (ALA): 300 milligrams (mg) of ALA at the same time as MDMA, followed by 100 – 150 mg of ALA every 1-2 hours thereafter for the duration of the trip. (Conservative practitioners suggest a maximum dose of 2,400 mg of ALA in a 24-hour period.)

Acetyl-L carnitine (ALC): 500 mg of ALC three hours before taking MDMA, 500mg one hour after the MDMA, and 500 mg four hours later (five hours after the MDMA), for a total dose of 1,500 mg of ALC. (Conservative practitioners suggest a maximum dose of 2,500mg of ALC per 24-hour period.)

N-acetyl cysteine (NAC): 900 mg of NAC on an empty stomach, shortly before the MDMA and again at the end of the session.

Vitamin C: 500 – 2,000 mg (half a gram – 2 grams) of sodium ascorbate every two hours the day of the MDMA session. (Sodium ascorbate is a form of vitamin C that’s less likely to cause an upset stomach than regular ascorbic acid.) Reduce the dose if loose stools occur.

Green tea extract
Milk thistle
Eating antioxidant-rich foods, like blackberries, blueberries, walnuts, artichokes, and dark chocolate
Ginkgo biloba
Olive leaf extract
Taking a powdered greens supplement
Melatonin – Note: some folks say not to take melatonin the same day as an MDMA trip. To play it safe, wait 24 hours.

What about 5-HTP?
Taking 5-HTP too soon after MDMA can cause a serious and potentially life-threatening condition known as serotonin syndrome! (The same goes for combining 5-HTP with SSRI antidepressants.)
Please wait 48 hours after taking MDMA before starting a 5-HTP supplement. Use 5-HTP at a dose of 100 to 400 mg daily for two weeks after taking MDMA, starting two days after the MDMA experience.

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