How to wake up from your collective dream?

Do you want to wake up from your collective dream?
Wake up from your earthly slumber or matrix?
Tired of dancing around truth and reality?
Are you sick of all these stories of matrix exit and awakening?

Yes, stop dancing around! Searching through books and theories, reading second-hand info of enlightenment from supposedly awakened people…

There are the following stages:

  1. When we are fully engaged in the game. with my role, costume, opinion, beliefs story, pain, emotions, feelings, body, ego structure, dream! Completely, absolutely 100% involved in the Self. Into the role. fully attuned to myself here. (of my own free will) in a complete absolute “I (ego) trance”! Leela, a divine game of hide-and-seek.
  2. I am a dreamer in a dream who has forgotten he is dreaming. This is voluntary voluntary amnesia, voluntary coma! voluntary hypnosis. I am an actor on a stage who has forgotten that this is my own play, my film. I am a director, a leading actor and a supporting actor at the same time.
  3. painful mystery. This may be too complicated for you. There is only one Being in the entire universe; there is no second Being. If so, who is reading these lines right now, sitting here in this room, in your chair, who inhabits a planet like this, and that, here and there, and over there, in Ukraine, in Russia, in Berlin, in Paris, Ottawa, Washington, DC, the health department, the police department, in the newsroom, at the next desk? It’s all one….
  4. Yes. Knowing! is paradoxically the most important and at the same time the greatest obstacle to reaching the next higher levels of spiritual consciousness (enlightenment/samadhi).

This is what the game is all about. You voluntarily forget yourself in order to be able to experience this experience of life on earth. It is in this way, and then at some point when you have lost enough, tired enough, forgotten enough, experienced enough, wept enough, suffered enough. It is at that point that you come home, while you are still here. In this body, on this earth. This is what is commonly called enlightenment!

So good, I want to wake up, but how can I do it?
How can I achieve it?” – you ask.

It is not through understanding and knowledge.
It’s not through head and thought.

To feel the divine being that the Earth is experiencing through you, you must go from thinking–to true inner vision, to feeling, to feeling, to being!

PLUS: Know that most of your ego identity, your personality, your ego has no desire to remember! The ego has no desire to awaken and come home. Like children who play outside, on the playground, in the circus or in the adventure park, don’t have the slightest desire to come home. Only when they are hungry, cold, and exhausted do they voluntarily go home! The same thing happens to you (us): You fear that coming home may mean the end of all games. As sad as it sounds, perpetual perpetual enlightenment would be too boring for you. I speak from my own experience. Again, it’s not bad or wrong. It’s helpful just to know.

Let me take you there.

Are you really ready?
I can’t promise or guarantee you anything.

I can only walk you to the door.
But I can’t walk through it with you either.
You have to take that step yourself. I can’t take the step for you.

I will wait for you on the other side.

If you feel I am telling the truth, then come to my ceremonies.

Contact me when you feel ready.

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