Diet. Tyramine and foods to avoid before ceremonies.

Diet. Tyramine and foods to avoid before therapyю, trapp or ceremonies.

Products to be excluded:

  1. Very oily; roast; salty; sweet; acute; sour; milk and dairy products.
  2. All bakery products, bread, butter.
  3. Honey; pepper; sugar; salt; all canned food and products with an excessively long shelf life (with the exception of permitted cereals).
  4. Legumes; beans; meat; fish; peas; soy; nuts; dried fruits; urbechi; fruit; pumpkin; eggplant.
  5. Coffee; Black tea; green tea; pu-erh; rooibos, etc. (preferably)
  6. Milk and all dairy products.

Permissible: boiled white, not fatty fish, boiled egg, boiled chicken breast.
the listed products are recommended to be steamed, boiled, as well as to prepare salads.

One downside to MAOIs is that they come with dietary restrictions because of the elevated Tyramine levels in the blood.
(What Are MAO Inhibitors? Read more here!)

When this class of drug first entered the market, no one knew about the concerns over Tyramine and blood pressure. This caused a wave of deaths that prompted further research. Now we know that certain foods contain excess Tyramine, and these should be avoided when taking MAOIs!

The more food ages, the more concentrated the levels of Tyramine become.
This is true for aged meats, cheeses, and even leftovers in your fridge.

Foods with dangerously high levels of Tyramine include:
soy sauce and other fermented soy products, sauerkraut, salami and other aged or cured meats
Other foods that contain high levels of Tyramine are:
aged cheeses, such as Brie, cheddar, Gouda, Parmesan, Swiss, and blue cheese
alcohol, especially chianti, vermouth, and beers, fava beans, raisins, dates, and other dried fruits, tofu, all nuts.

Allowed products:
Cereals: bulgur; amaranth; lentils; pearl barley; corn; oatmeal; millet; buckwheat; semolina; quinoa; rice; flaxseed porridge; sprouted green buckwheat.
Vegetables: cucumber; tomato; carrot; potatoes; yuca; sweet potato; courgettes cabbage cauliflower 🥬 brussels sprouts broccoli 🥦 corn 🌽 asparagus celery spinach
Spicy greens: basil; cilantro; dill; mint; tarragon; arugula; ozmarin.

The main energy essence of the diet (not just MAOIS) is to eliminate from the diet all bright tastes that have a certain effect on all energy centers, channels, and the nervous system as a whole.

The process of diet and preparation sometimes really not easy, but the quality of the experience gained (with any plants and substances) will depend on the seriousness of the preparation.
Diet in nutrition is necessary for deep cleansing of the physical body before practice. The depth of experience and the subsequent result depend on this.

The main goal of the diet is to remove attention from the objects of attraction, and, of course, first of all they are the “sexual” attraction and the “gustatory” attraction.
These are the two main components necessary for redirecting the energy of the lower centers (abdomen) and harmonizing with the upper energy centers – the head and heart regions.
With sexual abstinence, it is necessary to observe it, including mentally (to refrain from thoughts of a sexual nature).
With nutrition – everything is the same, abstinence from food diversity should be not only physical, but also mental!

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